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About my collections

My DVD collection is very important to me, because it's my main source of entertainment. I love classic sci-fi/horror films with the films from the 50s and 60s being my fave and Hammer Studios as well as Amicus really being faves.


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2001 Maniacs

Posted : 15 years, 2 months ago on 5 November 2006 09:27 (A review of 2001 Maniacs)

I was so set to not even watch this film, let alone like it, but a friend suggested it as a fun campanion piece to H.G. Lewis' classic, 2000 Maniacs. I picked this up used on Friday night and have to say, this film, while not an award winner for great films, it is a ton of fun. A couple of the killings are just as in the original, but pumped up a little and then there are some killings that are simply outstanding! I didn't really see the ending, coming and that was a pleasant surprise. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but as this has been described as, 'Splatstic', I can't argue! If you're looking for a little less than 90 minutes of your life to kill, this film might just be a nice fit for you.

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Cricket On the Hearth

Posted : 15 years, 2 months ago on 25 October 2006 01:20 (A review of Cricket on the Hearth)

Just received this DVD as a gift, today and it was my first viewing ever of this 1967 TV special. It's a decent effort from Rankin & Bass, best known for, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but not quite up to the standards, we've come to expect. Based on a Charles Dickens story, it is not that interesting or strong of a story and the animation isn't quite what I'd hoped for. Danny Thomas, Marlo Thomas, Ed Ames, Roddy McDowall and Hans Conried lend their voices to this story and probably the best part for me is Danny Thomas introduces and closes the special in a VERY 60s looking room.....I liked that part! I did notice in the credits that Danny Thomas and Aaron Spelling were producers for this special, so perhaps that explains a little as to why this doesn't have the usual look and feel of a Rankin & Bass holiday special? Still, recommended for fans of Rankin & Bass.

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Dracula-Prince of Darkness

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 23 October 2006 02:20 (A review of Dracula: Prince of Darkness)

After an eight year hiatus from the role, Christopher Lee returns with a venegance in this film. One note should be made, however, Mr Lee was less than pleased with the dialogue that was written for him in this film, so he refused to speak it....as a result, this Dracula is mute, save for a few grunts and growls and hisses. In spite of a nearly silent Dracula, this film is still quite good. Probably the supporting cast can be thanked for this....Barbara Shelley, Francis Matthews, Suzan Farmer and Andrew Keir all make for interesting and enjoyable characters in this film. Shelley should especially be noted, as her transformation from an uptight wife to a very seductive vamp is one to be seen!

Perhaps not the strongest Dracula film in the Hammer library, but certainly a film not to be ignored, I;d recommend this to fans of Lee and Hammer films in general.

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Horror of Dracula

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 23 October 2006 02:12 (A review of Horror of Dracula)

Hammer's take on the Bram Stoker novel and what an outstanding effort this is. It obviously doesn't follow the Stoker novel all that well, but it takes all the best elements of the story and melds them into one excellent film. Christpher Lee as Dracula is everything you could hope for in the role....he brings a sexuality and strength to the role that in my opinion, has yet to be matched. Peter Cushing in the tole of Van Helsing is simply another perfect cast by Hammer Studios....Cushing brings an air of intelligence and clamness that really makes for great viewing. I highly recommend this film for anyone with a love of Gothic horror and even casual fans of horror.

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The Mummy (Hammer)

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 18 October 2006 10:19 (A review of The Mummy)

Easily my favorite of all the classic Mummy films. Starring, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, George Pastell, Yvonne Furneaux, Felix Aylmer and Eddie Byrne, this is classic Hammer Studios at it's very best.

Lee as the title character is absolutely outstanding. He conveys more emotion with his eyes than many actors can using their voice. This Mummy is fast on his feet and just as quick to dole out justice. The film is beautiful, visually and the film is as entertaining as one could hope. I'd highly recommend this to any fan of a mummy film or someone who may be new to the films of Hammer Studios....definitely one of their very best!

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Island of Terror

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 18 October 2006 10:08 (A review of Island Of Terror [1966])

I love this film! I recommend this film to almost anyone willing to listen to me babble on about how much fun this film is. I watch this film on a regular basis and I never get tired of watching the film.

Starring, Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray, Niall MacGinnis, Eddie Byrne and Sam Kydd, this film tells the tale of a small village that suddenly discovers a body void of any bone. When the local Dr is stumped, he heads to London and recruits Dr Stanley and Dr West to accompany him back to the island in hope that they may hold the answer to the mutilated body. When they have little success in discovering why the body has been relieved of the bones, they head to a nearby Dr's research lab on the island that is working on a cure for cancer. What they discover is more dead bodies and no bones within those corpses. Wading through the research team's paperwork, they find that while a noble venture, the team didn't find a cure for cancer, but rather, developed a life form, called, Silicates and these Silicates live on the bones of humans and animals. The hard-shelled creatures divide after so many hours and the small group releaizes that if a way to destroy these beasts isn't discovered, soon, the entire island will be overrun with the beasties and all hope will be lost.

Remember, this is a 1966 film, so gore is almost no factor at all, but the bone-sucking audio is rather gruesome! Sadly, this Region 2 disc does have a small edit to the film, but all in all, if you are a fan of Peter Cushing or 60s sci-fi, you must seek this DVD out.

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Vault of Horror

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 18 October 2006 09:51 (A review of Vault Of Horror )

In 1972, Amicus released the highly successful film, Tales From the Crypt. In 1973, they released this solid sequel. Containing five stories, all bound by a central scene, this set of stories, while perhaps, not as strong as the 1972 film, Tales From the Crypt, does have some very good stories. The five stories included in this anthology are:

Midnight Mess
The Neat Job
This Trick'll Kill You
Bargain In Death
Drawn and Quartered

My personal faves from this film would be; The Neat Job and Drawn and Quartered, although they all are enjoyable.

Now, if they'd get around and release, Tales From the Crypt, we'd have a perfect double feature!

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Quatermass and the Pit

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 18 October 2006 09:39 (A review of Quatermass and the Pit)

My personal favorite of Hammer's, Quatermass Trilogy. Andrew Keir is outstanding in the role of Quatermass and is supported nicely by, Barbara Shelley, James Donald and Julian Glover. During work in a London tube station, skeletal remains are found and figured to be at least five million years old....a wonderful find in itself, but upon further digging, a spaceship is discovered and things become a bit unsettling. Insectoid bodies are discovered in the spaceship and it's determined that the insectoids are or were inhabitants of Mars and routinely made trips to Earth, enslaving the humanoids of that time as Mars was constantly battling on it's own planet.

A very well thought sci-fi effort from Nigel Kneale and wonderfully produced by Hammer and directed by Roy War Baker, if you see just one of the Quatermass films, make it this film!

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Miracle On 34th Street

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 12 October 2006 01:54 (A review of Miracle on 34th Street (1947))

My second favorite holiday film! I watch this beginning on Thanksgiving night or day, since the film also starts on that holiday and then I watch it several times throughout the remainder of November and December. Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle and Maureen O'Hara as Doris as well as John Payne and Natalie Wood make this film a must-see for all believers as well as non-believers of Kris Kringle. The story is outstanding and the performaces match and if this film doesn't warm your heart and put a smile on your face, then I'm afraid we may not be able to 'melt' that cold heart. ;o)

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The Sound of Music

Posted : 15 years, 3 months ago on 12 October 2006 01:50 (A review of The Sound of Music (Two-Disc 40th Anniversary Special Edition))

I don't know if I could classify myself as a 'musical' film fan or a big 'romance' film fan, but The Sound of Music is definitely one of my favorite films. Perhaps it's because the scenery is so gorgeous, the tunes enjoyable and the casting seems spot on, I'm not really sure, but I completely enjoy this effort.

I think the puppet show that the children and Maria put on is hilarious and great fun. Even if you consider yourself a non-musical/romance film fan, give this film a chance, it's worth every minute!

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Posted: 11 years, 9 months ago at Apr 18 4:59
You have a very unusual taste in films, it's very interesting, I took some of the titles on your list as reference for future cinema-sesseions.
Posted: 12 years, 3 months ago at Sep 29 17:37
hey, i replied to your question in forums regarding DVD storage. all the racks are bought from target (i saved the upc number if you need it) and hold 45 each. for 2 disks and criterion collections i have a shelf which independently holds them.
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Hey Kimi! Hope you have a wickedly fun Halloween!!